How to hire an Alabama albertan: ‘I have to be good’

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with an Alabama job seeker who asked to remain anonymous.He was hoping to find a position that would help him with his family, which is struggling financially after his father passed away from pancreatic cancer.“I want to find the job that helps me and my family to get by and make sure […]

California’s job hunting career guide

California’s state and local government jobs are still growing but not fast enough to keep up with demand.In a recent report by the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute, California’s economy is still expanding at the slowest pace since the Great Recession.That was in part because of a lack of good, reliable data about the jobs that are available, and the high […]

How to find an upland job in Gujarat

The Gujarat government’s jobless rate stands at 16.7%, according to data from the National Sample Survey Office.This is a record high, surpassing the 15.6% unemployment rate recorded in April 2017.This marks the second consecutive month that the jobless rates of the state have soared.Gujarat’s joblessness rate was 15.7% in May 2018, and 12.2% in March 2019.The state’s economic growth rate […]