What to know about the job hunt in India

The job hunt is back in India, and it’s getting tougher.A new batch of job postings have gone up, with the government expecting the country to add 3 million jobs in the coming year.Job seekers, however, are not happy about the news.Many of them are looking to start a new job as soon as possible.Job hunters are looking for new […]

How do I get a job as a tech worker?

The tech industry is booming.More people than ever are working in tech.And there’s an endless supply of tech jobs, but some of them pay very little.As an online business owner who’s been lucky enough to land a tech job, you can use these tips to maximize your chances of landing a good job.

‘Job hunts for the job’: GOP candidates are ‘going through hell’ to get their names on job openings

POLITICO’s Job Search Tracker: 10 to know in 2019.POLITICO’s job search tracker is a daily look at the most important job trends and job openings.POLITICO President Donald Trump is taking his party into uncharted territory in 2018 with a “job hunts” initiative that he says is designed to recruit job seekers.It has already been a massive success.On Monday, Trump and […]