Why the millennials are doing it again

The job market is in a funk, but the millennial generation is not letting it get away from them.The generation of job seekers in the United States has been steadily increasing since 2007, and now they’re entering the workforce with the kind of optimism and optimism that many Americans experienced when the recession hit, and that many millennials have continued […]

Microsoft’s Morgan Hunt says Microsoft is hiring people for its new Mead Hunt jobs

Microsoft is expanding its Mead Hunt job posting system for new hires, according to the job site. Microsoft said in a statement that it’s hiring a handful of people to help manage its Mead Hunting job board. This means that Microsoft is ramping up hiring for Mead Hunt, its job search tool that lets job seekers see their job application, job descriptions […]

How to make a honey hunt a happy job hunting experience

It’s a job hunt full of highs and lows.And there are plenty of reasons why.First, it’s all about making it to the top.With an average of only three job offers a month, there’s not a lot of room for any kind of big name.If you’re a low-level intern, it’ll take you a few months to get a full-time position at […]