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Work is back on the go, but some jobs remain closed.A total of 1,037 people have been hired in the tourism and hospitality industries this year, up from 1,032 in the year to March.Job hunting is the most common way people search for work.It’s not just a job hunt.Employment minister, Eoin Collins, said people are looking for work, but there […]

How you can search for jobs in Texas: Searching for a job is not as easy as it sounds

The search for a good job is often a stressful, time consuming and frustrating experience for most people.Here are some tips for people looking for a full-time job.1.Choose the right job.2.Get your resume ready.3.Get a copy of your resume.4.Make sure you have a good reference list.5.Ask around.6.Ask about your skills and experience.7.Find a local recruiter.8.Use your references.9.Make a resume to […]