How to avoid job hunting apps and other job search apps

As India grapples with the high-profile job hunt of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, job search app apps have begun to take shape.The search app Flipkart has said it will open up job search to its users in Kerala in the coming days.In addition, the National Crime Records Bureau has announced that it will provide […]

What you need to know about job hunting apps like Domnick Hunter and Glassdoor

The number of job-hunting apps on the Apple App Store is growing rapidly, with some launching over $50 million in sales in the last year.Now, a new app is gaining some traction in the same space, one that can help you find and hire the best people in the world.Glassdoor is a job-search site that connects job seekers with employers […]

How to Find the Best Hunting Jobs in the UK

With hunting jobs increasing at a dizzying pace, you may want to check out these tips to find the best hunting jobs in the country.If you’re looking to take up a job hunting for a local family, look no further than this guide.If you want to find a job that is a little more exciting, then take a look at […]