How to get a free job hunt from a local job hunter

A job hunt is a way to get work for free by hiring a freelancer, often through a third-party app.But the process can be a bit more complicated.Here’s how to get free jobs online.1.Register for an account to find jobs on the job market, including freelancers, freelance publishers and freelance companies. 2.Click on the “Find Job” button and choose an online […]

How to get paid for job hunting in Bangalore, India

The jobs hunt has been underway for a year in Bangalore and is now well underway in Bengaluru.A local job recruiter, M.P. Muthu, says the city’s job market is a hotbed of competition for job seekers.“You will find there are job seekers everywhere.So the demand is really high,” he said.M.Muthu says people often seek work because they are unemployed.“I am […]