5 things to know about the hunter pr job — a new way to find jobs in Australia

You don’t have to be a hunter pr, or even a hunter, to find a job in Australia.As the number of jobs in the meat industry has dwindled in recent years, jobs in retail and hospitality have been filling up rapidly.And if you’re looking to move to a big city, the hunting jobs you’re offered may not be all that […]

Why we’re all hunters for the hunt

Hunters for the chase, or for the job, are increasingly popular in the West.They’re the ones who do the work of clearing the land, setting up camps, digging in, harvesting and disposing of the dead.These days they’re increasingly seen as the ideal job because of the jobs that they can provide.We’re now at a point where we’re actually having to […]

How to get paid for job hunting in Bangalore, India

The jobs hunt has been underway for a year in Bangalore and is now well underway in Bengaluru.A local job recruiter, M.P. Muthu, says the city’s job market is a hotbed of competition for job seekers.“You will find there are job seekers everywhere.So the demand is really high,” he said.M.Muthu says people often seek work because they are unemployed.“I am […]