HUNTER COOPERATION COMPANY (HNITCO) ANNOUNCES HUNTER JOB CHANGE TO 2019 – HNITE COMPANY HNITE CORPORATION (HNT) is pleased to announce the hiring of 1,000 new full-time, full-year positions as part of a strategy to expand and maintain its position in the fast-growing and highly competitive market for professional services.The HNite Corporation will hire the full-timers and temporary associates to fulfill […]

Job hunting is on the rise in Kerala, as job seekers try to make it in India

KERALA: Indian job seekers are trying to find a way into India despite the fact that the country does not have enough job openings to fill.According to a report by ETN, job seekers from across the country have resorted to job hunting in an attempt to find work in the country.Employers have been trying to lure them to the country […]

How to hire for a millennial job: How to get a job in the millennial job search

As millennials enter the workforce, they’re taking a long look at the world around them.While many have been drawn to the tech sector, there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to work in other sectors as well.For those seeking a career change, the millennial hire will be in a similar position, working in a company that’s trying to […]

How to change the way you hunt if you don’t want to go to a wildlife reserve

Hunter jobs can now be posted to online classifieds platform, a move which has been applauded by conservationists and hunters.The move comes after the closure of HunterTribe, a site where hunters can find out more about jobs and opportunities at national parks and national heritage sites.The new jobs can be viewed on HunterJob Change and The HunterTribunal website […]