‘No way’: Texans want to stay in Houston

The Texans have no interest in moving to a smaller city, according to sources, and that includes the Houston metro area.Sources in the Houston area say there is no urgency to move the Texans to the Houston-area, where the team’s stadium is located.The team, the Houston Texans, has a deal with the Texas State Legislature to play at NRG Stadium […]

How you can search for jobs in Texas: Searching for a job is not as easy as it sounds

The search for a good job is often a stressful, time consuming and frustrating experience for most people.Here are some tips for people looking for a full-time job.1.Choose the right job.2.Get your resume ready.3.Get a copy of your resume.4.Make sure you have a good reference list.5.Ask around.6.Ask about your skills and experience.7.Find a local recruiter.8.Use your references.9.Make a resume to […]