When you hire a hunter, it’s like hiring a friend

The hunter job hunting club that opened in Jerusalem’s Old City in February has been a hit among the Jewish community.Its members say it’s easy to get hired and the pay is good.The club says it was founded by three young hunters who wanted to learn how to hunt, and their first job was hunting rabbits.Now it has about 200 […]

How to find jobs in your city’s tech hubs

In a new job search tool, TechRadars staff have gathered together a list of the city’s hottest tech hubs, and mapped them out using data from job listings.Read moreThe job hunt app, called JobHunt, allows job seekers to create and share a job posting.You can also find out if a job is open and where it’s located.Here’s a breakdown of […]

How to find your dream job, from the bottom up

It was a sunny, clear afternoon in January.A group of three men, all in their late 20s, sat at a table with their feet in the sand, waiting for their boss to pick them up at a hotel.The job was one that had eluded them all.A year earlier, on a different night, a different company had offered the men a […]