When hunting is not your thing: Can I still get a job?

Posted February 11, 2019 07:59:51 In the U.S., hunting is a profession that requires a certain amount of specialized knowledge.Hunting is typically a time-intensive job that requires special skills and equipment, and many hunters spend a large part of their lives preparing and training to do the job.For those who are unable to hunt, hunting jobs can be challenging.For example, […]

How Facebook’s job hunt is killing job hunters

Posted March 03, 2019 12:27:23It’s been almost two months since Facebook began using its new job hunting tool, the Job Hunter app, to hire for hunting jobs in Alaska.Now, more than 300,000 job seekers have been posted to the app, according to a company spokesperson.The company also has posted about 5,000 more jobs to the site.The app has had an […]

How to get hired as a coyote hunter jobs

If you’re a coyotherer or hunter, you may be in luck.The Bureau of Land Management is offering coyote jobs and hunting jobs to new hunters and their families.This is a huge opportunity for new hunters who have never hunted before, and those looking to find new hunting jobs or to start their own.The jobs offer hunting opportunities that are not […]