Hunter Selection Jobs to Open in 2019

Posted November 04, 2019 06:18:20The hunting industry is on the rebound with a new wave of hunters expected to be on the hunt in 2019, according to Hunter Selection USA’s President and CEO, Mike Stoecklin.Stoecklins comments came as the Hunter Selection America’s annual job fair, Hunter Selection, took place last week in the heart of Atlanta’s Hunters Creek neighborhood.The event […]

Australian hunters to get $50 million in government jobs to hunt for pelts

AUSTRALIAN hunters will get $52 million in federal jobs to help them hunt for wild pelts.Key points:The Government says the hunt for the world’s most coveted bird is vital to conservation and biodiversityKey pointsThe Government is investing $20 million in the hunt with $20 billion earmarked for research and developmentThe Government has said it wants to help ensure hunters can […]

The Best Job Hunting Companies

Next Big Futures, the latest in an ongoing series of articles on the hottest job search firms, has compiled a list of the hottest companies looking for an unemployed, and thus, under-employed, employee.This list has been compiled from companies that have had a presence in the job market for at least a year.The goal is to provide a few of […]