Australian hunters to get $50 million in government jobs to hunt for pelts

AUSTRALIAN hunters will get $52 million in federal jobs to help them hunt for wild pelts.Key points:The Government says the hunt for the world’s most coveted bird is vital to conservation and biodiversityKey pointsThe Government is investing $20 million in the hunt with $20 billion earmarked for research and developmentThe Government has said it wants to help ensure hunters can […]

How to get a job in Boston’s job hunting industry

BOSTON — With its booming economy and growing middle class, Boston has seen its share of job hunters rise in recent years.But the hunt for the next career in the Boston area isn’t for everyone.It takes a special type of worker, a person with a knack for finding opportunities that can pay more than the average worker.The Boston Herald reported […]

Which jobs are hunters looking for?

Hunter recruitment is getting more competitive as hunters become more educated and seek out more jobs, says a report by HunterCare Australia.The report, HunterCare Hunter Job Board, surveyed more than 400 HunterCare Hunters and found there were more than a quarter of hunters who were looking for a job and a third who were considering the hunt.“A number of our […]