Democrats want to know why Republican candidates have been getting jobs

Democrats are questioning why Republicans have been putting their candidates in jobs interviews, saying the GOP is making it easier for the GOP to avoid hiring people who can be more politically damaging to the party.The Democrats are concerned that Republicans are using their job-hunting power to get candidates to sign contracts with political parties that could be used to […]

Which job is the hardest to get?

Posted November 06, 2018 04:31:06 With the world’s economies in turmoil, it can be hard to get a job in a booming industry.This year, it’s going to be even harder for people looking for a dream job.The jobs market is looking very tough.A lot of jobs are being eliminated and that’s going on even though there are a lot of […]

How to find the best job in a competitive field

A job hunting course is proving popular among careerbuilders.The Course Builder is a program that will help you find jobs with the right skills for your career.The program, which has been featured on Fox Business, offers a series of interviews with career seekers and employers in the field.While it has been widely used by careerbuilders, the course is not a […]

‘FUCK JOBS HUNT’ — Job hunting site turns ‘job search’ into job hunt

The hunt for new jobs is now on a whole new level, as job seekers across the country have taken to job hunting websites like Craigslist to find and connect with prospective employers.The trend has gained steam since the Federal Reserve’s announcement of its $85 billion stimulus plan, which includes $85 million for the states job-hunting effort.The states are expected […]

How to become a professional search engine optimizer

You’ve heard it before: the more search engines that appear on your website, the better.Now, the same idea is being applied to your job search engine optimization.But what exactly does this mean and how does it help you achieve your goals?In this article, we’ll go over some of the key principles that make up job search optimization and the best […]

How to save $100K on your next job hunt

You might be wondering, how do I find a job that I can actually find myself doing?Here are some tips on how to save money on your hunt.1.Don’t buy your first round of job ads online.These are the ads that companies like Amazon, Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo have been sending to prospective employees looking to […]

How to Find Jobs and Jobs Software for Free

Posted February 18, 2018 08:05:00When it comes to searching for jobs and jobs software, many people are finding it a lot harder than they expected.The average online job site offers a lot of help for people who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, but what’s most frustrating is that there are often a lot fewer details on what they […]

Which job hunting software should you be using to find the perfect job?

Job search software is the number one way to find a new job.But that can be confusing, especially when it comes to the job search software that’s available for your mobile device.The most popular mobile job search app on the market today is Job Hunter, which has been downloaded more than 11 million times, according to Google Trends.Here’s how Job […]

Israel to hire 400 hunters for hunting jobs

Israel plans to hire about 400 hunters to hunt on the country’s national wildlife refuges, according to Israel’s National Parks Authority.The announcement came after the National Parks Agency approved a draft contract for a company to hire 40 people to work on the project, which is expected to start in 2021.“The hunters will work under the supervision of the Israeli […]

When you’ve got the money, the best place to do your job

I’ve spent much of my career in the software and networking space, but I’d never really considered myself an entrepreneur before I started my job hunt.So I went looking for my next job.I was offered a job with a huge data analytics company, and when I looked at the options, I was surprised to find out there was no job […]