‘No way’: Texans want to stay in Houston

The Texans have no interest in moving to a smaller city, according to sources, and that includes the Houston metro area.Sources in the Houston area say there is no urgency to move the Texans to the Houston-area, where the team’s stadium is located.The team, the Houston Texans, has a deal with the Texas State Legislature to play at NRG Stadium […]

How you can search for jobs in Texas: Searching for a job is not as easy as it sounds

The search for a good job is often a stressful, time consuming and frustrating experience for most people.Here are some tips for people looking for a full-time job.1.Choose the right job.2.Get your resume ready.3.Get a copy of your resume.4.Make sure you have a good reference list.5.Ask around.6.Ask about your skills and experience.7.Find a local recruiter.8.Use your references.9.Make a resume to […]

When will you get your shot?

Health care workers are getting their first shots in the fall.But the timing isn’t always so positive.As CBC News has reported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a call to physicians in Canada, telling them to prepare for the flu season.A new report from the University of Guelph’s Centre for Infection Control and Biosecurity says that a […]

Hunter Selection Jobs to Open in 2019

Posted November 04, 2019 06:18:20The hunting industry is on the rebound with a new wave of hunters expected to be on the hunt in 2019, according to Hunter Selection USA’s President and CEO, Mike Stoecklin.Stoecklins comments came as the Hunter Selection America’s annual job fair, Hunter Selection, took place last week in the heart of Atlanta’s Hunters Creek neighborhood.The event […]

Hunt for the Boston Hunter job opening

Posted September 14, 2018 07:48:57Boston hunters are looking for a hunting and fishing jobs.The job posting for the hunting and fishery division has opened on the job board.The posting states,The job is for a seasonal, part time position.The job is responsible for field work and is expected to spend approximately 30 hours a week in the field.The position is expected […]

Which jobs are best for arcus hunters?

Posted September 20, 2018 09:03:48 The number of arcus deer hunters has exploded since the arrival of the sport hunting ban, with more than 30,000 hunters in Queensland alone.Photo: Supplied A total of 10,000 arcus hunter jobs are currently in Queensland, including the ones at two sites in Brisbane.The state has just seen an increase in the number of people […]

‘Hunting jobs’ list on Facebook has crashed

Posted November 12, 2018 08:16:16 Huntress jobs: A list of hunts that have been posted on Facebook and Twitter.Source: Facebook/The Next Web The Next World is a social network and news site that aims to provide an outlet for people who have a passion for animals.Facebook has a page called “Hunting Jobs”.The list of job postings has been going up […]

Hiring dream jobs: How to get into the hiring game

It’s not a good sign when a job search takes a turn for the worse, but that’s exactly what happened for Jill Stoltz, the 29-year-old from the Philadelphia suburb of Montgomery County.Stoltz is the latest person in the field to get caught up in a recent wave of job-hunting frenzy that began in earnest last fall and is now hitting […]

California’s job hunting career guide

California’s state and local government jobs are still growing but not fast enough to keep up with demand.In a recent report by the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute, California’s economy is still expanding at the slowest pace since the Great Recession.That was in part because of a lack of good, reliable data about the jobs that are available, and the high […]

How much will a hunting job cost in Arizona?

If you live in Arizona and need a job hunting for a hunting trophy, you can do it.The state has a $4,500 hunting wage that is set at a rate that depends on the caliber of the animal, and there is a $5,000 per year cap on hunting licenses.However, there are some exceptions for people who hunt feral hogs and […]