Hunting industry is on the rise, but job hunting is still tough for job seekers

In the hunt for a new job, it can be difficult to find one.With the country’s booming hunting industry booming, the number of hunters and their jobs are on the increase.But with the country still on the cusp of a record number of fatal hunting accidents and a record-breaking season of over 400,000 deer shot, the hunt is still very […]

The latest jobs, jobs, and jobs news

Alligator hunting has never been so exciting!And the news is only getting better.The National Geographic Society is thrilled to announce that it has added Alligator Hunter, Alligator Tracker, and Alligator Spotter jobs to its list of job titles, and you can start looking for jobs today.“These jobs provide hunters with a new and exciting way to earn a living,” said […]

The jobs market is tightening for those looking for work

The Australian dollar is trading at a record low against the US dollar in Sydney.But job hunters are still looking for jobs, according to new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.The jobs market in Australia is tightening, with the labour force participation rate at 63.6% compared to 64.9% in March.This is down from 66.2% in February and 64.3% in […]